About He-Man

Types of Dual Control Systems

There are two types of dual control systems that can be fitted to your vehicle depending on the age and type of car.

A ‘rod system’ which requires more room to fit and was used predominately in older vehicles.

A  ‘cable system’ which as vehicles have evolved over the years, is the normal system fitted and gives a similar brake/ clutch feel as the driver. However this system does not mimic the driver’s actions on the pedals on the instructor’s side. Whereas the rod system will operate on the instructor’s side when operated by the driver, allowing the instructor to perhaps view the clutch travel etc but very often gives a heavier feeling in the instructors pedal.

Over many years both systems have been used in keeping driving instructors and their pupils safe and as long as they are fitted and maintained by qualified fitters will continue to do so.

About He-Man

He-Man Dual Controls are the leading UK supplier of dual control systems.

The company dates back to 1931.

He-Man has been designing and manufacturing He-Man dual controls for over 80 years.

Their controls have been fitted to virtually every vehicle type with either cable or rod systems.

He-Man Dual Controls have the following advantages:

  • Angular pedal pad adjustment
  • Easily detachable pedals
  • Self-aligning bearings
  • Rod or Cable technology as appropriate for your vehicle